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Thor Productions’ Director of Photography, Thorsten Joses is an accomplished lighting cameraman, videographer and editor with over 30 years of film & video industry experience.

Meet Thorsten
Thorsten is a Freelance Cameraman in Sydney. Director of photography, video editor and corporate videographer with over 30 years of industry experience.

Thorsten has worked on documentaries, reality television and current affairs productions for many major broadcasters worldwide.

Thorsten is available as a freelance lighting cameraman/camera operator only or as a cinematographer/videographer with camera equipment.

His versatile skill set allows him to think on his feet in changing and complex scenarios.

Through his cooperative and personal approach, Thorsten achieves the best outcome for each unique job. He is a long time member of the Australian Cinematographic Society (ACS) and available for jobs around Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Thorsten’s videographer camera equipment is versatile and suits a variety of broadcast and documentary situations. He can travel light and operate under demanding circumstances, including live transmissions.

View Thorstens Work

Some clients Thorsten has worked with:

Videographer / Director of Photography

“Ich bin ein Star, holt mich hier raus”

Thorsten has been working as a lighting cameraman on 9 seasons of the German version of “I am a celebrity – get me out of here”, filmed in northern NSW.

Some challenges:

  • The ability to be responsive and able to quickly adjust to a fast changing story line.
    For instance being the sole camera person during many seasons to film the evictions of the shows contestants.
  • Filming interviews with contestants outdoors even without the use of artificial lights.
    Requires the ability to handle the fast changing natural lighting conditions in a subtropical rain forest environment.
  • Being able to work consistently and in a professional way over several weeks during harsh weather conditions with extended heat periods and hours of pelting rain.

Visit the case study section for background information on some of Thorsten’s productions.

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Videographer / Director of Photography
On location video editing. Fast turn around video editing post production
Professional video editing services. In-house or on location

Editor: In-house or on location

Professional editing services that make your videos shine.

Do you require editing services? Are you interested in getting your logo animated, have existing video material repurposed or simply require a rough cut following the completion of the shoot? 

Longer edits will usually be completed in our edit suite environment. We usually provide preview video drafts with time-code in frame that we upload to DropBox. 
This cost effective approach allows you to review the footage at your own time and provide us with clear instructions. The final video will be delivered in a format that suits your purposes.

However, edits can also be done on location or at your offices for fast delivery. This approach works well for short social media highlight videos or TV news releases.
For super fast delivery, project files can be rendered directly from the original footage and immediately uploaded to a cloud server via a 5G modem.

All videos including TVCs, media releases or simply b-roll are finalised to broadcast quality standards and provided to you in a HD video format that’s most suitable. We can also provide social media video in portrait format. Video footage from any compatible digital source can be added to your current project. Existing material can be colour corrected and/or combined with still images, stock footage, animations, music, graphics and voiceovers.

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Examples of our work


Tattoo Nation

Footage that was shot for the documentary “Tattoo Nation”

 Social Media Video 

Andrew’s Story

Extract from social media video created for Taronga Zoo.

 Corporate Video 


Extract from a corporate video created for REMONDIS.

 Video Production 

Chamber Orchestra

Extract from George Palmer’s “Breaking the Silence”


“Great Results, Good Value, Creative. I have employed Thorsten many times to shoot TVCs. Thorsten provides excellent service especially when the client is budget conscious. Because Thorsten has a great understanding of our needs he can shoot and light a scene without us going to the expense of hiring a large crew. On occasions Thorsten has also put together a rough edit overnight on location which allows us to have a clear direction of where we are heading. It is his knowledge of shooting and editing which makes him so valuable. You can always be sure when Thorsten is shooting that you will not go into the edit suite missing a shot. I would recommend Thorsten to anyone seeking a highly competent and creative lighting cameraman.”

Don Strachan
General Manager,
Axiom Australasia, Sydney

“My head of post production said the footage was “Great.”

And Thorsten, he NEVER says that. The best I’ve ever heard him describe footage is “acceptable” or “good.”

Thank you for the good work!”

Susan Waters
Production Coordinator,
Multi-Media Productions Florida USA

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