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We provide high-quality live streaming services in Sydney for businesses of all sizes.

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Choose Thor Productions for your corporate livestream.

We provide unparalleled live streaming services for your business & corporate events in Sydney – our expert team of corporate videographers specialise in providing creative, high-quality video streaming services that are sure to make your event stands out.

Specalists in Live Streaming Corporate Events

Our expert videographers have decades of broadcast television experience. Their unparalleled knowledge will ensuring that your HD webcast looks nothing short of professional.

Engaging Livestream Technology

Our live event streaming technology allows us to integrate slide presentations, logos, and holding slides or superimpose titles onto the online video stream, ensuring that your audience receives the best viewing experience possible.

Hybrid Event Streaming

Our hybrid event video production services combines your physical, in-person corporate event with a virtual, online component, helping you reach a larger audience.

Broadcast Quality Equipment

Our videographers use broadcast cameras, professional lighting, and high-quality microphones to ensure you’ll look your best on the video stream.

On-Demand Video Post Event

Once the livestream event is over, we can turn the video stream into an on-demand video, allowing you to reach even more viewers.

Any Location

Choose the location that works best for you; we offer studio spaces with green screen facilities, or we can come to your office, outdoor venue, conference, convention, briefings, sporting and theatrical events.

Examples of our work

 Live Event 

From Pilot to Pipeline

Community Corporate in conversation with Ikea Australia, Woolworth and the University of Sydney on refugee workforce inclusion programs.

  • 1 camera operator
  • 1 audio technician
  • 3 HD broadcast cameras
  • Cameras live switched video signal encoded and streamed to client’s ‘YouTube’ channel

 Live Event 

World Refugee Day Breakfast

  • 1 camera operator.
  • 2 HD broadcast cameras.
  • 1 camera’s video signal encoded and streamed to ‘Facebook Live’.
  • Footage from both cameras was made available to client immediately after the event enabling fast post production.

Testimonials from client’s we’ve worked with

“Thorsten is incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and all around a pleasure to work with. He was really accommodating to all the different requests, and worked well with all stakeholders involved including IKEA, Woolworths group, Community Corporate and the University of Sydney to produce an amazing livestream panel on YouTube. Thank you so much for all your support, Thorsten – and for always doing everything with a smile – we will certainly be using your services again in the future!”

Kahlia Lickiewicz

“Thanks for your work at the breakfast last Friday. As always, it’s so nicely shot and looks great. The two camera coverage plus your smooth moves on camera 1 made the panel discussion so easy to cut.”

Laura Zusters
Australia for UNHCR

Our process is designed to create the best live streaming experience for you, and your audience.

Our goal is to help you create an exceptional streaming experiences that captivate and engage your audience, we do this by following the 3 steps below:

Step1: Pre-production meeting

  • We discuss your requirements and streaming goals.
  • Provide expert guidance, insights, and our professional expertise.
  • Plan out the number of presenters, the estimated number of online attendees, and the live streaming features, including privacy settings, polls, graphic overlays, and chat options, etc.

Step 2: The Live Event

  • Our videographers will set-up at the location and provide all technical equipment.
  • We’ll even make sure that the lighting is perfect and that your presenters look their absolute best on camera!
  • Our team will conduct pre-event audio and video checks to ensure everything is running smoothly before the live stream starts.
  • We capture the event with broadcast quality HD cameras.

Step 3: Video on Demand

  • Enjoy audience engagement reports (if the streaming platform provides that data).
  • We record the program feed as it streams online so you can share it with your audience.
  • We’ll also create camera back-ups to give you more freedom when it comes to editing your footage, ideal for purposes that go beyond an archival copy of the webcast.

Live Event Streaming Packages

Our packages are fully customisable, and include everything you need to stream your event. 

Live Streaming Essential

Our starter package provides broadcast quality video for ZOOM meetings.

  • 1x professional camera operator
  • 1x broadcast quality HD camera
  • Zoom live stream

From $1,150 ex GST

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Live Streaming +

Fantastic value for money when streaming to free platforms. Add a second angle to your event coverage and have the cameras live-switched.

  • 1x professional camera operator
  • 2x broadcast quality HD cameras for dynamic video angles
  • Live switched camera stream to your server
  • High quality audio

From $1,500 ex GST

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Live Streaming ++

Upgrade your webcast to full broadcast level by adding extra elements like titles or your participant’s supers. Even send your slides and camera feed side by side as a picture in picture stream.

  • 1x professional camera operator
  • 1x experienced streaming technician
  • 2x broadcast quality HD cameras for dynamic video angles
  • High quality audio
  • Live switched camera feed
  • Add titles, slides and supers to your webcast

From $2,250 ex GST

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All live streaming packages are based on a minimum call of 6 hours. Additionally, pre-event testing might be required, depending on the chosen streaming platform. 

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We’ve worked on and created all types of videos for our corporate clients. We have a versatile skill set that allows us to think dynamically when there are changing and complex scenarios. If you’ve got a video idea in mind, we’d love to hear about it!

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What streaming platforms can we use?

During your live event streaming, we’ll make sure your computer’s camera signal looks far better than an ordinary webcam! Our skilled camera operator can even zoom and pan the camera when needed to enhance your presentation. With our additional lighting options, you’ll look your best on the video stream.

Free Streaming Platforms

YouTube Live Event Streaming
Facebook Live Event Streaming for Businesses

If you’re looking for a low-cost option to stream to a large audience, we offer HD video streaming to free platforms like Facebook Live or YouTube. These platforms offer plenty of performance. YouTube even offers a free back-up server. We can set up your webcast and get you ready to send out your invitations in advance.

However, keep in mind that these platforms offer very little control over the reach of your video. That’s because you hand over ownership of your video feed to the streaming platform. There’s also no human interaction from the platform end. Instead, you’re at the mercy of algorithms that could abruptly interrupt the feed, e.g. if they assume copyright infringement issues.

But don’t worry, we can provide expert advice on how to approach these challenges during live event streaming.

Professional Streaming Platforms

Vimeo live event streaming for corporate
DaCast event live streaming
Brightcove live event streaming
Bigmarker live event streaming for corporate clients

For greater control over your live event streaming, we recommend paid platforms like Vimeo, Dacast, Brightcove or BigMarker.  Depending on the type and level of platform you choose, you can even direct the webcast to your own website.

The benefits of using a professional streaming platform:

  • Customise the look of the video player with your brand colours.
  • Restrict access to the webcast through password entry if you choose.
  • Capture your live event attendee names and emails.
  • Can provide detailed audience engagement statistics.
  • Control chat functions and timings for Q&A sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of live streaming an event?

Online event streaming can be a cost effective solution to reduce travel costs or opening up the event to a much larger audience, whether it is for internal communications or a customer related event. We can advice you on the best and most cost effective ways to stream your event live.

How much will live streaming our corporate event cost?

We offer fully customisable packages for live streaming, with pricing options available in the packages section of this page.

Our packages come with a range of standard features, including HD broadcast quality cameras, top-of-the-line audio equipment to ensure clear sound for your audience, and professional lighting to make your presenters look their best on camera.

Will Thor Productions provide all of the equipment for the live stream?

Absolutely! We understand that live streaming can be daunting. That’s why we provide all the equipment and technical support you need to make your stream a success. Our team of live-stream videographers will guide you through the entire process, from setup to execution, to ensure that everything runs smoothly and seamlessly.

What makes a good live streaming service?

It should first and foremost provide HD quality video hosting. The service needs to be reliable and easily accessible across desktop and mobile devices. Otherwise, it depends on your needs.

Some organisations value content management tools over monetisation. Basic embedding tools and analytics should always be present.

What live streaming platforms can you cast to?

We use streaming software that can send the webcast to any live video service that accepts RTMP streaming.

Those can be social streaming platforms, like YouTube or Facebook as well as dedicated live streaming video platforms that require payment but offer security and privacy via their dedicated servers.

There are a multitude of streaming platforms out there. A bit like insurance companies, their services are not easy to compare as they don’t offer universal functionality or pricing structure.

However, if your organisation already uses a certain platform, chances are high that we can work with it and send our webcast to their servers. 

How many cameras do I need to live stream our corporate event?

Your audience engagement will increase with the number of cameras used!

Just imagine you would be forced to watch your cousin’s big day filmed with a single camera. You’ll notice every pan and every zoom and unless the camera person is very talented, it becomes quickly painful to watch.

So, unless you have a presenter that stays in one spot and there is absolutely nothing important happening besides a PowerPoint presentation it is always advisable to offer your audience an additional camera angle.

The more things are happening at your event the more cameras should get used to cover the different angles. For instance, at a larger event with a live audience it would make sense to place a third camera at the back of the room. Great to utilise every time the audience present in the room is applauding your panellists. Again, this could be a locked off camera shot without involving a camera operator.

We can bring all various camera feeds together and live switch the appropriate angle to your webcast. Depending on the project’s scope, this can be done by a single camera operator.

What is hybrid event streaming?

Hybrid event streaming is a type of live streaming that combines elements of both in-person and virtual events. With hybrid events, there is a physical event taking place, but it is also broadcast live to a virtual audience over the internet.

Real-time virtual audience participation

In addition to providing broader access to the event, hybrid event streaming also enables virtual attendees to participate in the event in real time. This can include features such as live chat and Q&A sessions, which allow remote attendees to engage with presenters and other attendees in a way that is similar to an in-person event.

What are the benfits?

Hybrid events allow organisers to expand the reach of their events beyond the physical venue and engage with a wider audience online. This can be especially useful for events with limited capacity or for those that are geographically constrained.

Hybrid event streaming is a powerful tool that can help organisations extend the reach of their events, engage with a broader audience, and provide an immersive experience for virtual attendees.

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