Camera Equipment

We strive to deliver optimal results for your project by utilising a diverse range of camera equipment. Our objective is to surpass your expectations and achieve your goals effectively.

Broadcast quality cameras

Our broadcast video camera equipment is based around Panasonic’s high end P2 cameras, which are some of the most versatile cameras available.
The cameras are ideally suited for corporate events or fast paced TV jobs. They have good low light qualities and offer comprehensive audio controls for the operator. Another advantage is the ability to quickly eliminate flicker caused by LED screens or lighting.

Our cameras allow cost effective productions while offering 4:2:2 colour quality. That’s a big advantage when the footage needs to be colour corrected in post production or chroma keying (green screen) is required.

Key benefits:

  • 1080/50p 10 bit full HD broadcast quality
  • High end 600% dynamic range
  • Anti-flicker synchro scan recording

Professional camera abilities:

  • Multi-Format (1080/60p/60i/50p/50i/25p/24p, 720/60p/50p/30p/25p/24p)
  • Full SDI-Out (HD video with embedded audio)
  • Synchro Shutter (eliminates flicker from lights, monitors or projection screens)
  • Exchangeable native HD lenses (e.g. 17x zoom plus extender with professional remote for camera operation)
  • Timecode In/Out (sync point for multi camera recordings)
  • Same chip set (consistent image look across all our P2 cameras)
  • Time Lapse and Slow Motion (variable frame rate from 2 frames to 10 minutes)

4K quality stabilised video

3 axis gimbal stabilisation

Our ‘DJI Ronin SC’ stabilisation system allows smooth handheld motion video, similar to Steadicam applications but with a much smaller footprint. We capture vision up to 4K resolution. The set-up is very quickly assembled and provides a great solution for any piece to camera. 

3 axis gyro stabilisation

Our Kenyon ‘KS-4×4′ 3 axis gyro resists directional change and brings stability by dampening out shakes and vibrations. We like to use this gyro in combination with heavier cameras, in particular for filming on boats, tracking shots out of car windows or when filming out of helicopters.

Cinematic look video production

Features, music clips and highlight videos are mostly shot in a cinematic style. We have been early adopters and are specialists in creating this highly sought after narrow depth of field ‘film look’.

We use large sensor cameras like Sony’s FX6, FX9 and FS7 or Canon’s C300 in combination with high speed prime and zoom lenses.

‘Film look’ for smaller video productions

Choosing the best camera for the job depends on the intended use of the video, the available budget and the workflow of the production.

Compact mirrorless cameras are a great choice for smaller budgets and Sony’s A7s series cameras have the added advantage to work brilliantly in extreme low light situations.

Showreel ‘Film look’

We have extensive experience in creating the highly sought after ‘film look’ for video productions. Long before compact mirrorless cameras became available to the market, we were able to offer our clients budget friendly ways to achieve this:

From footage shot for a documentary about the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. 1’14”

The filming equipment consisted of:

  • Panasonic P2 camera with DoF adapter and Canon FD lenses
  • Canon 5D Mark II DSLR camera

The DoF adapter emulated the equivalent of a much larger sensor for the broadcast camera while the DSLR camera mainly provided support as a second locked off shot.

Camera: Thorsten Joses